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Concept Art

Commissioned by Totally Legitimate Company PTY. LTD: Game development studio,, 2024

Fashion Products

In collaboration with Roadget Business PTE. LTD., 2023 for their fashion product designs.

Digital Coloring Game

In collaboration with Nox Limited, 2022 for exclusive artwork on their upcoming digital coloring app.

In collaboration with Learnings Co., Limited, 2021 for exclusive artworks on their digital coloring game.

Diamond Paintings

In collaboration with Heartful Crafts Pty Ltd and their sister company Create Love Share, 2021 for exclusive artworks on their diamond paintings products.

Canvas Prints

Commissioned and licensed by Astramus Art, 2020 for their canvas print products.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Commissioned and licensed by Zigsaw, 2020 for their jigsaw puzzles products.

Non Business Clients

The Shining City of Heaven
A Café In The Middle Of Forest
Inside A Cave

Compilation of several non-business clients, 2020-2024


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